Recommended reading for content strategists and content marketers

Posted on December 6, 2014 by - Editorial & Brand, Strategy, User Experience

book on content strategy

Content strategy and content marketing are highly interdisciplinary. Here’s a list of books that have guided my work. Photo by Sebastien Wiertz, CC by 2.0

Here are some books and other resources that have been indispensable to my work. I’ve grouped them into several broad categories:

I’ll update this list as I continue reading. If you don’t see your favorite book here, I hope you’ll mention the title and author in the comments section.

Content strategy, information architecture, and user experience


Digital marketing, content marketing, and social media


Design thinking, change management, and organizational development


Marketing and communications


Writing and editing


Graphic design, layout, and production


Josh TongJosh Tong is a content strategist and content marketer in Washington, DC. He helps colleagues create powerful content through research, strategy, and implementation.

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